BFSPL’s focus is Customer Satisfaction, we offers Customised Solutions in light weight as well as heavy weight fabrication to our clients as per their specific requirements. We offer the below mentioned services and much more.

CNC Laser Cutting Services:

BFSPL has Trumpf made Laser Cutting Machine with double pallets loading system. We offers customized solutions for your Steel Fabrication needs and give timely and responsive solution which is also monitored by our core team who has an excellent knowledge of fabrication engineering. Our customized CNC Laser Cutting Service which fit to your needs has capacity of cutting up to 20 mm in MS, 12 mm in SS in thickness.

CNC Bending Services:

BFSPL has Trumpf made CNC Bending machine with the help of which we offers better quality bending services upto 4 meters in length for bending of sheet metal and complicated components that includes brackets, enclosures, elevator components, chassis, etc. We have emerged as one of the customer centric CNC Bending Services by, ensuring best services.

Metal Fabrication Services:

BFSPL offers innovative solutions for expected results in Welding services along with CNC Laser cutting and CNC bending. We have expertise in Metal arc, MIG , TIG, Spot and Stud welding services. We have welder of over 25 years experience who can perform radiography quality welding in all five positions.

This innovative solution gives more than expected result and so we have more satisfied clients.

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